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College Personal Statement Examples

Personal Statement for College Examples

The college personal statement is one of the most important statements that you can write, because it will be read by every school that you apply to. There are a lot of important aspects of the application, but the personal statement has a special place. That is because it is on the only time on the application where you are able to make a statement about yourself, and you want to use it to help your case. Your job on the personal statement is to demonstrate that you belong on their campus, even if the question isn’t asking that. You need to show them good character, work ethic, and attitude, and we want to assist you with accomplishing that.

Sample Personal Statement College

Hi, my name is Ray Smith and I am very interested in your college. I was always told that going to college was a very important step to becoming a great professional, and my goal is to be a teacher. I previously wanted to go into business school, but I had a change of heart partway through my major. I have no judgment for those who want to pursue a business career, but I realized that many people were pursuing it for the wrong reasons. I decided that I could make an impact as a teacher, so I switched majors and worked hard to graduate on time. Everyone told me that I should not change majors and that I couldn’t handle the work, but I was determined to prove them wrong. Working hard has always been part of who I am, and I worked harder than ever to make sure I would graduate with honors. Now I want to pursue a Master’s in education and I know that your institution can help me accomplish great things. I would be honored and privileged to get an opportunity at your school, and I promise I will work as hard as possible.

Example of a Personal Statement for College

We hope that our general college uc personal statement example is a helpful start for you, because our job is to assist in the process. We know that you may not have time to work on the statement yourself, and if that is the case then our professionals would be glad to work with you in developing a statement that can get you into any program.