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UC Personal Statement Examples

Be Prepared for the UC Personal Statement

There are some personal statements that can catch you by surprise, but this shouldn’t happen with the personal statement. It has remained the same for quite some time, but that doesn’t necessarily work to your advantage. That means that they have seen hundreds of thousands of answers to the same question, and you want to give them something truly unique when you answer the question. That doesn’t mean that you need to deviate from your own life; you just need to tell your story, but you want to make sure that you keep it as interesting as possible so that it reflects on you well. We have personal statement examples UC so that you can get an idea of where to start.

We Have UC Personal Statement Examples for You

The most common UC prompt asks you to describe where you came from, and how family, school, and the community shaped you as a person. Here is a personal statement example:

I am from Phoenix, Arizona, and my life there shaped me in every possible way. Phoenix is a big city, but the neighborhood that I came from really stuck together. I have had many of the same friends since I was six or seven years old, and we are all fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to college. My community shaped me by making me the man I am today; I am a hard working student who is about to go to college, but I may have not made it this far if not for community and family. I came from a neighborhood of poor means, and there are many people who did not encourage my friends and I to stay in school. We were able to overcome many negative outside influences, and although parts of the community jeopardized our futures, our interior community is what kept us together.

UC Personal Statement Sample Essay Help

Our professionals are here for you, and if you need assistance with the sample essay then we are able to assist. The UC prompt is extremely personal, and it encourages you to talk about yourself and not hold back. You don’t want to overemphasize any aspect of your life, but you want to let them know where you came from and how you are the person you became.