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Law School Personal Statement Example

We Have Law School Personal Statement Examples

Law school is one of the toughest programs that you can try to get into, especially if you are looking at an elite institution. Law is a difficult profession, and these schools want to know that you are ready for the challenges that await. Contrary to popular belief, law schools don’t just admit all of the students with the best grades. They want well rounded individuals, and the law school personal statement is how you can prove what you can do. Our professionals are here to assist you with the statement, and we want to help you with some law school personal statement examples that you can use when writing your own statement.

Law School Personal Statement Samples

We want to help you with writing for the application, so here is an example of a personal statement:

I am extremely interested in attending your law school program, and I know that I have the tools to succeed. I always considered myself to be fairly intelligent, but I know that has not been my secret to success. Since the first grade, teachers have always told me that I had linguistic ability. It wasn’t until high school that I decided that law school was right for me, and since then I have not looked back. While being able to read and write well has led me to pick law school, that is not the only reason. I was always told that law school is the toughest challenge for a student, and being a lawyer always sounded interesting. I almost decided that law school sounded too difficult, but then I realized it was a challenge I needed to take on. I began during my undergraduate degree, where I finished first in my class with a pre-law degree. I am much more than a good GPA, though, because I am determined beyond anything to fulfill my dreams.

Personal Statement Law School Examples

We hope that our personal statement template is able to assist you as you write your personal statement, and if you have any other questions you can contact our professionals! We are here for personal statement writing, editing, and consulting, and with our in depth knowledge of the law school personal statement format we can write you something that gets you into any of your favorite programs.